Model: SMART BOARD SPNL-4065 (65" System)
Sale price$1,435.00


Smart Boards and Interactive Whiteboards with Mobile Floor Stand 

The following models available:
Smart Board SPNL-4065
Smart Board SPNL-6065
Each System comes with the following:
    - Heavy duty Mobile floor mount
    - 2 each interactive pens
    - Power Cable
    - HDMI Cable
    - USB Cable
    - VGA Cable
    - Quick Start guide
  1. Enhanced learning experiences: Smartboards offer interactive and dynamic learning experiences, making lessons more engaging and enjoyable for students.
    2. Improved student engagement: The interactive nature of Smartboards encourages active participation from students, leading to increased engagement and better retention of information.
    3. Visual learning: Smartboards allow for the integration of multimedia elements such as images, videos, and animations, making it easier for students to understand complex concepts through visual aids.
    4. Collaboration opportunities: Smartboards facilitate collaborative learning by enabling multiple students to interact with the board simultaneously, promoting teamwork and problem-solving skills.
    5. Real-time feedback: Teachers can provide immediate feedback to students by using the interactive features of Smartboards, allowing for timely corrections and reinforcement of learning.
    6. Customizable content: Smartboards allow teachers to create and customize content according to the specific needs and interests of their students, making learning more personalized and relevant.
    7. Access to online resources: With Smartboards, teachers can easily access and integrate online resources, opening up a world of educational materials and interactive tools for enhanced learning.
    8. Digital note-taking: Smartboards enable teachers and students to take digital notes, allowing for easy organization, editing, and sharing of information.
    9. Increased teacher flexibility: Smartboards give teachers the flexibility to adapt their teaching methods and materials on the spot, catering to different learning styles and needs.
    10. Improved classroom management: Smartboards help with classroom management by providing a focal point for instruction and minimizing distractions.
    11. Interactive assessments: Smartboards enable teachers to create interactive quizzes and assessments, allowing for immediate feedback and assessment of student understanding.
    12. Accessibility features: Smartboards often come with accessibility features such as text-to-speech and magnification options, making learning accessible to students with diverse needs.
    13. Multilingual support: Smartboards can support multiple languages, facilitating language learning and accommodating students from different linguistic backgrounds.
    14. Multimedia presentations: Smartboards allow teachers to create dynamic and engaging multimedia presentations, enhancing the delivery of lessons and capturing students' attention.
    15. Improved organization: Smartboards enable teachers to easily organize and access instructional materials, reducing time spent searching for resources and enhancing classroom efficiency.
    16. Seamless integration with other technology: Smartboards can be seamlessly integrated with other technology tools such as tablets, laptops, and document cameras, enhancing the overall learning experience.
    17. Environmental friendliness: Smartboards eliminate the need for paper and reduce waste, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly learning environment.
    18. Professional development opportunities: Smartboards offer opportunities for teachers to engage in professional development and learn new instructional strategies and techniques.
    19. Parent involvement: Smartboards can be used to involve parents in their child's learning by sharing presentations, assignments, and progress updates electronically.
    20. Future-ready skills: By using Smartboards, students develop essential digital literacy and technology skills that are increasingly important in the modern workforce.



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