Material: Refurbished With Epson Projector
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Turn any space into a true multimedia environment. This interactive Smart Board system retailed for over $8500.00. Get it now at a fraction of the cost. Everything you need to get set up ana running is included. The system can also be connected to any of the streaming services for such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney plus and amazon prime video for the time you need some entertainment. Included: 1 Smart board SB685 (Board has a viewing angle that's over 7 feet long diagonally) ; 1 projector ; 4 Smart pens for the board; 1 Smart board tray; 1 eraser for the board; 1 power cord for the board;1 USB cable for connectivity; 1 HDMI cable for connectivity; 2 Speakers; 1 set of installation hardware: SMART Board SB685 87” Low-Gloss Surface Interactive Whiteboard Features: Users can write, perform mouse functions, erase, and manipulate and move objects on the interactive whiteboard surface. 87" diagonal active area •SMART Ink™ smooths out the appearance of the digital ink, which improves the legibility of your handwriting as you write over applications, websites and videos •Use simple, intuitive hand and finger gestures to toss, rotate or zoom in on objects and interact within SMART Notebook software, it has built-in support for Windows and Mac Systems •Recognizes when a user switches between using a finger, pen and eraser •The user can also write with a pen, erase with a palm and move objects with a finger, without having to press buttons, access on-screen menus or replace tools in the Pen Tray: The ultra-short-throw projector makes it easy to project large, vibrant images from the shortest distance for maximum impact and flexibility. It can be mounted to the wall with the included wall mount, making it ideal for use with interactive or standard dry-erase whiteboards. Project a brilliant image on a wall or screen from approximately inches away from the edge of the projector.
  • Interactive whiteboard with projector for interactive presentations in the classroom, the conference room or anywhere that requires collaborative and engaging presentations.
  • Touch-Sensitive Surface - Contact with the interactive whiteboard is converted into mouse clicks or electronic ink. You can use your finger as a mouse or write notes on the durable, low-reflective surface.
  • Presenting is made easier with an interactive whiteboard. You can now deliver content to your audience through a large dynamic surface that you control. Students and professionals are able to interact with elements on screen. Onscreen collaboration for visual and kinesthetic learners.
  • It also includes SMART Board software which you can write over the top of any computer application, write and edit notes, and save everything in a single file.
  • Project managers capture progress notes and track decisions, then save the notes and e-mail them to stakeholders as a progress update. Designers use it to present plans to clients and incorporate their feedback immediately, saving valuable time during the design process. Fire departments create training simulators – ensuring staff receive realistic but safe training.
  • Teachers have access to various sources to enhance and support their lessons with video, articles, images, learning tools, and more. Students also have a rich resource for research and learning.
  • Allows for the integration of various other technologies to enhance student learning. Any device you can think of like computers, microscopes, cameras, and video cameras can be attached to the boards to enhance instruction. As a result, the possibilities are near endless.
  • Various media types can be displayed on an interactive whiteboard. Whether photos, graphs, maps, illustrations, or videos- teachers have an abundance of options. You can create creative lessons to inspire your students.
  • Allow children to interact with the learning material. They become a part of the lesson and can even teach each other. Their understanding of the subject is seen through touching, drawing, or writing on the board.
  • Students are more attentive in the classroom. Comprehension improves. Test scores rise. Literacy increases. Students learn better and remember it. When children engage more in the classroom, learning always increases.

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