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Interactive Whiteboard with Dell S500 projector. Turn any room into a true multimedia environment. Learning, playing, entertainment and collaboration. The purpose and use is up to you. Ultra-short-throw means you get larger-than-life images from a very short distance (see pictures for projector distance from image). Everything you need to get started and running is included. You can also set it up with any of the streaming services such as Netflix, HULU, Amazon, Disney etc. for the time you need some entertainment. These items retailed for over $8500.00 each, get it now at a fraction of the cost. - 1 Smart Board with mounting hardware - 1 Tray for the Smart board - 4 Pens - 1 Eraser - 1 USB cable for connectivity to the smart board - 1 Projector (Dell S500)- 1 Power cord for the projector - 1 HDMI cable - 1 Projector remote control - 1 Projector mount and quick start guide…The new SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboard offers an updated look, more features and larger sizes. Designed to address customer feedback and user testing, it's a flexible product that can be upgraded as your customers' needs change. Productivity Tools Go Beyond Desks. To be productive, groups need to use networks, files and websites – no matter where they are. Put this information at your group’s fingertips with the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, so groups can work with the information they need, when they need it. The SMART Board interactive whiteboard connects to your computer and a projector. With the touch of a finger, group members can interact with computer materials and their finger becomes the mouse. They can write with digital ink over anything and save their notes to a single file for easy distribution. The Dell S500 Projector is a WXGA Ultra Short Throw (UST) Projector. This lamp based projector is capable of displaying 3,200 Lumens at its brightest setting with a native resolution of 1280x800 , and is 3D capable. The internal DLP technology touts higher contrast.

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