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SMART Document Camera 450

  • Zoom: 80× total magnification. 8× optical & 10× digital.
  • Lens with manual and automatic focus f 6.26 (~30.75 mm); f 3.2 (wide) f 6.8 (tele)
  • Resolution:5MP sensor and resolution
  • Frame rate:30 fps max.
  • Brightness control:Automatic and manual brightness control
  • Shooting area Max.:15 3/4" × 11 3/4" (40 cm × 30 cm)
  • VGA output:Analog RGB output 0.7V 75O unbalanced, XGA: 1024 × 768 60 Hz, SXGA: 1280 × 1024 60 Hz, HDTV 720p: 1280 × 720 60 Hz, HDTV 1080p: 1920 × 1080 60 Hz
  • Video recording:Onto USB flash drive / SD / SDHC
  • Energy efficiency:Level V Energy Star energy efficiency rating

Capture images and create multimedia lessons with easeSmartboard_SDC-450-tn

Turn real objects into digital content with the SMART Document Camera 450. It's a great way to demonstrate, explore and understand – even when the concepts are abstract or complex. It creates more engaging lesson content by easily capturing images, video and audio with the SMART Document Camera. For example, you can take a video of a science experiment with the document camera and save it to use for your next class and students can record demonstrations during presentations to study later.

Mixed reality tools included

The SDC-450 manipulate and explore 3D content from your SMART Notebook file by placing the mixed reality cube (included) under the SMART Document Camera lens. This provides students with a hands-on experience that engages students of all learning styles and helps them understand complex, abstract and conceptual content.

Smartboard_SDC-450-ICON-tnSeamless integration

The SMART Document Camera is a perfect fit with other SMART products because you can control it right from your SMART Notebook lesson – with just one touch. It’s easy to show images on your SMART Board, LightRaise™ interactive projector or SMART Table® interactive table.

Inspire students as they learn

When you can take an object – a leaf, for example – and display it for all to see, it's easier for students to understand higher-level concepts like photosynthesis. You have a visual, kinesthetic way to teach and learn.

Standard features Flexible camera arm with rotational movement for easy positioning and storage. Lighting Built-in LED illumination lamp Lens Lens with manual and automatic focus, f 6.26 (~30.75 mm); f 3.2 (wide angle) to f 6.8 (telephoto) Zoom 8 × optical, 10 × digital, 80 × total magnification Resolution 5 MP sensor and resolution Frame rate Max. 30 fps Brightness control Automatic and manual brightness control

Input/output connections Video format Analog composite format PAL/NTSC selectable 2-position switch, using RCA connector with supplied RS-232 / composite video cable VGA output Analog RGB output 0.7 V at 75 Ω unbalanced XGA: 1024 × 768 60 Hz SXGA: 1280 × 1024 60 Hz HDTV 720p: 1280 × 720 60 Hz HDTV 1080p: 1920 × 1080 60 Hz DVI-I Provides both analog and digital output formats HD 1080p 60 Hz, HD 720p 60 Hz, XGA 60 Hz, SXGA 60 Hz VGA input D-sub 15 pin pass-through (see note below) USB connection USB mini-B (connect to computer) SD memory card slot 1 GB to 32 GB Mass storage mode Change from camera to mass storage mode using on-screen display (OSD) to access the SD card and internal memory via USB. Internal memory Internal memory for storage of up to 240 images

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