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Included in this listing:
  • SMART Document Camera 330
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • VGA Cable
  • Quick start guide

Your SMART Document Camera 330 allows you to display 3D objects, printed documents and microscope slides on your computer, projector or television. You can capture images and save them to a SMART Notebook collaborative learning software file or to an SD or SDHC memory card.

Control panel 
  1. Power on/off
  2. OSD Operation: menu, direction, enter
  3. Screen capture
  4. Image select: SD card mode, camera mode, computer mode
  5. Image brightness
  6. Image pause
Smart Notebook
  1. Screen capture
  2. Image magnification
  3. Image brightness
  4. Auto focus
  5. Image focus
OSD (on-screen
Camera mode
  1. Image settings 
  • Brightness, Focus (Auto / Push / Zoom Sync), Shutter Speed, White Balance, R/B-Gain, Edge Effect, Gamma, Image Mode, Image Rotation, Microscope Mode, Color/B&W, Positive/Negative
  1. Function settings 
  • USB Mode, Frequency, Save/Load Settings, Menu Display, Language
  1. Special settings 
  • Highlight, Mask, Scroll, Picture in Picture
  1. SD card mode
SD settings 
  • Format, Delete, Lock, Slideshow (Image Select, Order, Repeat, Interval)
Input selection – main/external
Video format – PAL / NTSC selectable (mechanical switch)
Analog VGA output – SXGA / WXGA / XGA / 720p 60Hz (mechanical switch)
VGA input – D-sub 15 pin
USB – USB-B, USB 2.0
USB – USB-A, USB 2.0
SD/SDHC card slot
Video Output – VGA - DVI-D / Composite selectable (mechanical switch)
DVI-D – single link, 720p
Direct interface with optical microscopes less than 13 3/8" (33.9 cm) high

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